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Patagonia, Arizona
GPS: 31.497801, -110.680893
Elevation: 4514'
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Public - Forest Service (USDA) (Official)
(520) 388-8300

The road in is Gravel. Harshaw Road - Coronado National Forest is open Year Round. You may stay 14 Days at Harshaw Road - Coronado National Forest.

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Submitted by hitekhomeless. Last update on May 21, 2011

Dispersed camping in the Coronado National Forest as well as a scenic drive.

A historic mining district that extends along the bottom of a sycamore-shaded canyon is the focal point of this short, easy drive. You’ll start in the quaint little town of Patagonia, with its rich mining and ranching heritage, and drive up the meandering course of Harshaw Creek. The canyons carved by that small stream and its tributaries were the center of extensive mining activity from the end of the last century well into the present one. Even today, mining activity continues in some areas.

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Anonymous User
Reviewed September 17, 2015

We spent a two weeks here in January 2015. We liked it because it is more secluded than most spots in Arizona, free or not. It gives a bit of a feeling of privacy, with a choice of sun or filtered shade. It could have used a clean up as there was some trash, but nothing unbearable. There are two sites, with lots of space in between. Very quiet with little traffic from the nearby road. Most of that appeared to be border patrol but they ignored us completely, I'm happy to say.

It was a short trip back to Patagonia which we loved for it's small size, good food, a famous birding site, and an artistically inclined community. (Finally got to see "The Vagina Monologues" put on by the local theatre group....What a riot!) We intend to return to the same general area, as there is much to explore and not many tourists, and a cooler mini-climate due to the higher altitude.

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Anonymous User
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Reviewed July 25, 2011

We lived on Harshaw Road very near the junction with Duquesne Road for a year in one of the very few places that could be leased. It's beautiful there most of the year. We experienced our first honest to gosh real blizzard on New Years 2010/2011.
One important point to remember is the area is heavily patrolled by various federal agencies and visitors are sometimes repeatedly stopped and questioned. Be prepared to obey authority and comply. The law enforcement guys and women can be a bit jumpy.Signs warning of smuggling and illegal immigration adorn the roadside at several intervals.

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Billie D
Anonymous User
Replied July 19, 2012

I was thinking of spending a little time in the Harshaw rd area near Patagonia, Az tenting it. Is any reservation needed, how far from town and how rough is the road. I will be on a bicycle so it would help to know which bike would be more suitable.

Thanks for the info on cheap camping,
Billie D
(phone number removed)

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