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Hwy 97 to Postill Lake Road
kelowna, British Columbia
GPS: 49.992561, -119.208466
Elevation: 4583'
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Public - Forest Service (Official)

There are 1-5 campsites at this location.

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Submitted by puddle_of_worms. Last update on May 15, 2013

Type:Maintained to Standard
Vehicle Accessible Camping
Facilities:Boat Launch
Site Operator:Unknown

Site Description:A small recreation site on a good fly fishing lake. The site has a cartop boat launch.

Driving Directions:Follow Hwy 97 to Postill Lake Road

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Joined 7 months ago

Dead racoon nailed to bathroom wall

Bustamatic gives a rating of 1Bustamatic gives a rating of 1Bustamatic gives a rating of 1Bustamatic gives a rating of 1Bustamatic gives a rating of 1
Reviewed August 28, 2017

Set up camp. Kids said there was something gross in toilet but I ignored it since thats what they always say about pit toilets... We had dinner and about an hour before sundown my oldest mentioned it again so I went up to "clean it up". I looked in and someone had nailed a racoon upside down by the feet and hornets had nested in its corpse. One of the most disturbing things I have ever seen. Sent my wife to make sure I wasn't seeing things...I wasn't. Packed up the tent, site, wife and 4 kids in 20 minutes and am now spending the night in a parking lot.... not impressed. DO NOT CAMP HERE!

Bustamatic hiked in and stayed here with a tent. Bustamatic would not stay here again.

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