A PASS or PERMIT is required at this campsite.

Wingina, Virginia
GPS: 37.668743, -78.723198
Elevation: 400'
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Public - Fish and Wildlife Service (Official)
(434) 525-7522

The road in is Dirt and 1 miles from a paved road. James River WMA is open Year Round. There are 1-5 campsites at this location. You may stay 14 Days at James River WMA.

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Submitted by hitekhomeless. Last update on Mar 18, 2012

$4 per day for a day pass, $23 for a yearly pass, or one of the acceptable licenses/waivers. More information below.

The area's 1,213 acres vary from hilly in the upper woodland to level bottomland along the James River. Elevation ranges from 350 to 500 feet. The area fronts on the James River for a length of slightly over one mile. Approximately 200 acres of the area are open, a lingering result of past use for pasture and cropland. Other older fields have reverted to stands of Virginia pine. The remaining lands are hardwoodpine mix with the hardwood portion being dominated by a mixture of upland oaks and some hickory. Techniques used to enhance upland habitat includes the development of annual and perennial plantings, hedgerows, prescribed burning and strip-disking. Three marsh impoundments covering approximately eight acres have been developed. Here the water level can be drawn down during the growing season to encourage native plants that, when flooded, will provide food for waterfowl.


The area is located approximately 15 miles south-east of Lovingston in the southeastern portion of Nelson County, near the community of Wingina. Access is from State Route 56, between Lovingston and Buckingham Court House, on Route 626 travel easterly following road signs.

We camped here on 05/04/08

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New Rules for Virginia WMAs
As of Jan 1, 2012, all Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries areas — pretty much any state WMA area — now requires either a valid VA (or non-resident VA) hunting license, fishing license, VA boat registration, or a paid Access Permit (daily, yearly, or group) to set foot on DGIF WMA lands. Waivers are only for those on official federal, state, or local government business, visiting graves, those 16 and younger, and those assisting disabled hunters who possess valid disabled hunter licenses. If you're simply passing through via road, river, or the Appalachian Trail, you don't need a pass, either.

Basically, all campsites in Virginia under the Fish and Wildlife category now cost a minimum of $4 per day for a day pass, $23 for a yearly pass, or one of the above licenses/waivers. Saltwater fishing licenses aren't valid. (EDIT: freshwater licenses are $23/yr for residents). Learn more about the Access Permit »

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