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By hitekhomeless

Are you adventurous? If so, you may like this.

Now, this tool is a bit different than the rest of the site. It will give you GPS coordinates and names for POTENTIAL campsites that are not yet listed here at That’s right, you’ll be seeing some of the raw data we’re working with and will have a chance to visit campsites before they officially make it onto the site. The Adventurous Map will display up to ten of the unchecked sites in the database within two hundred miles of a point you select.

We’re giving you access to this tool for a couple of reasons. First off, this is a beta test for new code that will be integrated into the site in the future. We’ll be adding whiz bang features to this as we go along. Please let us know if/when you find a bug!

Secondly, there are almost a thousand GPS points in our unchecked database. We could use a little help entering them in order to keep the newfangled features coming. So, if you do the research on one of these unverified sites, please let us know by submitting it. Just make a note that it came from the Adventurous Map so we can clean up the database.

Finally, a disclaimer: We’ve done our best to sanitize this data, but we know that some errors have crept in. We can not guarantee that every site listed is free… or even actually there. Please proceed with caution.

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