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A lot of folks are missing out on 14 days of camping on the most beautiful tracts of land available. These lands were granted to the state by the feds to be liquidated to developers. All revenues are to be used to fund Arizona State education and educational institutions. However, you must purchase a permit! (I cannot over emphasize this element).

Permits are purchased online. Cost is $15 for a single and $20 for a family of 4. The permit is good for 1 year from the date of purchase and although you can only camp 14 days, you can access the lands for the entire duration of the permit. It took me longer to register on this site than it took me to get a permit:) ok maybe. print it and your parking credentials right from your email.

Be advised, these lands are clearly marked No Trespassing and they mean it. Get caught without the permit and you’ll have a court date in a Federal District Court and about a $700-$1000 fine to pay.

**When you go, find a spot away from neighborhood developments and other occupied adjacent areas as the sheeple in these areas feel a civic duty to have you run off by the law. I was contacted twice by MCSO who come on strong then puppy up when they see you’ve followed the guidelines, and once by PHX PD, that seemed more like a country visit than a police contact.**

Here are some Arizona State Trust Lands to get you started.
The Steps at Lake Havasu
Peralta Canyon – East of Phoenix
Little Black Mountain – South of St. George
Cottonwood Canyon Road – SE of Phoenix
Vulture Mine Road, Wickenburg
Garner Road – South of Tucson
E96 Ranch Road 10

Gardner Canyon, Arizona - State Trust Land   Cottonwood Canyon Rd, Arizona - State Trust Land   Arizona State Trust Lands Website  The Steps, Arizona - State Trust Land

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