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By hitekhomeless

You may have noticed a few changes lately. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a rundown on some new features we’ve added.

Access to RV Dump Station information
You can now see nearby dump stations as well as campsites on the same map. We think this will help many of you save time while planning your route.

Geolocation Services
You can simply click a button to see what’s around your current location without having to type, or even locate yourself on the map (we’re very lazy over here).

Turn on Real Time mode and have the nearby campsites update as you travel.

If you’re not in motion or your device doesn’t have built-in positioning hardware, we suggest On Request mode. In this mode, you will be centered on your location once each time you click the geolocation tool.

You can also use the geolocation tool to find your location when adding a new campsite.

Your browser must support geolocation and you must grant access to the website if you want to use this feature.


You can turn these new features on in the configuration menu. Don’t panic if you’ve never noticed it before. It’s new too. You can access the menu via the Settings icon in the map legend.

In the configuration menu, you can turn on and off geolocation services as well as set the desired search radius for dump stations.

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Joined 3 years ago
Reviewed December 23, 2014

i have found the 'dumpsite' feature to be an awesome addition to an already fabulous service that this site date: your rv dumpsite locater is the most accurate and complete app out there, free or purchased. my husband and I have been meandering through the western united states for the last 12 months, 13k miles....we only plan our direction, not our accomodations. we spend 1/2 our time at state parks, regional parks and national forrest lands...most of which we find while researching areas found on this website. the other 1/2 of the time, we stay in campsites found here on free campsites.. the addition of accurate dumpsite locations, is just the cherry on top! thank you, we appreciate you very much!

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osborne mcclintic
Anonymous User
Reviewed October 14, 2014

thank you... would love more info on where to camp!!!

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