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Looking for a place to camp in southern California this winter that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Here are a few completely free camping spots that will keep you warm as well as keeping your wallet in your pocket. Amboy Crater Located along historic route 66, in the Mojave Desert, stands an extinct […]

West Branch State Forest Campground, located in Dickinson County, Michigan, was closed in 2009 by the DNR due to budget cuts. It was reopened, illegally, over Memorial Day weekend. An unknown party mowed the grass, jimmied open the doors to the restrooms and removed the roadblocks, a large berm and some boulders, that the DNR […]

We have added a new site fee type: Pass or Permit Required. It is in addition to the “Free” and “$10 or less” types. This will allow sites that, like the BLM LTVAs, are a supreme value but do not quite make it into the $10 or less category because your out of pocket cost […]

Water Management

Water management is a big deal for long term boondocking. Water is almost always the resource to run out first unless you happen to be camping next to a pretty clean water supply and take advantage of it. In this article, we will look at a few things you can do to make the most […]

Boondocking How-To

What do you need to boondock? You don’t actually need anything at all. Anyone that sleeps in the woods is, more or less, ‘boondocking’. Now, if you want to boondock constantly and be comfortable, that is another thing entirely. If you are happy with a tent and a backpack, there’s probably not much we can […]

What is boondocking?

What is boondocking? If you are new to camping, you may ask this same question. Boondocking is essentially camping without hookups. You may also hear it referred to as ‘dry camping’. Often, dry camping means staying in a campground without hookups, whereas, boondocking typically means staying in a completely undeveloped area. You may also hear […]

Everyone’s camping style is different. Some people have never been into an RV park, while others have never camped outside of one. Different people have different energy needs, too. I know a man who has enough solar panels on the roof of his 5er to run his big screen tv, dvd player, refrigerator, and his […]

Comment Submission

Howdy folks, A few of you may have noticed that your comments don’t make it onto the site. There’s a very good reason for this: comments are moderated. We love to have feedback and comments on site postings to keep things up to date, but we’re just not going to allow comments that bash the […]

Come Join Us!.

We have thousands of visitors each month, but very few are actually submitting sites. The majority of our listings have been submitted by a handful of loyal members. If you are a regular submitter and/or commenter, thank you! If not, we would love to know why not. We have set up a poll with some […]

We spent most of the day yesterday packing up camp, getting provisions and driving to our current location: Quartzsite. We stopping in last year but had missed all of the hoorah. This year, we were boondocking near by and decided to hop on over for the RV show. While we are here, we plan on […]