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Do you want to submit more than one campsite at a time? Do you have a list of camping areas that you’d like to upload to, but feel that it’s just too much work to do each of them individually? Use our bulk upload template and send us the data.


If the data is not yours, make sure that you have permission to use it. We know how much work compiling campsite information can be. We don’t want to take someone else’s hard work without their consent.

If the data is yours, you’re golden.

Also, please make sure that the campsites adhere to our submission guidelines

Please take your time. We are looking for high quality data. The goal is to provide the most accurate data possible to campers.

The template can be downloaded from here. You can see a sample spreadsheet here.


The spreadsheet contains many different columns. While all of them are helpful, most are not required. Each campsite must have the following fields.


The location’s name


The GPS location of the campsite. We prefer decimal (33.565265, -112.948422), but it can be in any format as long as it is the same format for every campsite and you tell us the which format it is. You can use one column or split latitude and longitude into two columns.


This is where you describe the location. Is it on the beach, near a river, or in the middle of town? Is there shade? Tell us about it.


Is it Free? If so, please type ‘free’. If it is $12/night or less, type ‘pay’. If a permit is required, type ‘permit’. For pay and permit campsites, enter the fee information after the type, seperated by a percent sign, ie. ‘permit%$10 for two weeks’.

The following fields are optional. They are not required but are very helpful.



If there is a phone number for this campsite, please enter it in this field.


If you know the email address for the campsite, this is the place to enter it.


If the campsite has an official website, please type it in. Prefix it with http:// or https://, which ever is appropriate.


The campsite’s street address, if it has one. Just the number and the street. No city, state, zip, etc.


The closest city to the campsite

# of sites

The number of campsites at the location, ie: 10

Road Type

Paved, Gravel, Dirt, 4×4

Max RV

The longest a rig can be and still use the camping area. Numbers only or, if there is limit, type ‘unlimited’

Max Stay

Describe how long someone is allowed to camp in the location.

Open Dates

When is the campsite open?


Values must be separated with a coma. Acceptable values are:
BBQ Grill
Boat Ramp
Drinking Water
Dump Station
Fire Ring
Horse Corral
Pay Phone
Picnic Tables
Shooting Range
Trash Cans
Near Water


Values must be separated with a coma. Acceptable values are:
ATV Trails
Bike Trails
Hiking Trails
Horse Trails
Rock Climbing
Water Skiing
Wildlife Viewing


Tell us how to get to the campsite.


Once you have a spreadsheet that is ready to be submitted. Save it as a CSV file, send it to us, and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve just make life easier for campers everywhere. You are awesome.

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