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Upgrades! Get Your Upgrades!
We’re happy to announce that has received a long awaited upgrade. We hope you will find the site easier to use than ever. Here’s a brief run down of today’s changes.

Mobile Support!
We’re officially supporting smart phones and tablets. We’ve only really tested this on Android as those are the phones we have. The sales guys at Best Buy gave us the stink eye when we’d lugged a laptop and a camp chair into their iPad aisle to test code changes, so we’re not entirely sure about iPhone and iPad support, but we’re hopeful. Bug reports on mobile platforms will be very helpful. Hardware donations would also be nice if anybody is feeling extremely generous.

Bandwidth Reduction
The redesign has allowed us a chance to reduce the amount of bandwidth required to display search results and campsite listings. This is a massive improvement in bandwidth efficiency and makes the site more usable for those of us on mobile internet; especially in poor coverage areas.

Map Interface Overhaul
We’ve finally moved all of our maps to the v3 api and unified them. You should expect much snappier response from maps as you move from one page to another. We’ve also been working on the interface to improve the overall experience. You can search on the map by clicking a location, typing a location in the search box or just dragging the map to where you want to search. Pinch to zoom gestures are supported on smartphones and tablets.

Weather on the Map
You can now see the weather around the world on the map. Hopefully, this will help you pick a campsite in an area with perfect weather.

You can now get directions to each campsite by simply clicking the ‘directions’ link. Please be aware that directions are only as good as the coordinates we’re given. When adding a campsite, please give the best coordinates you can. If you find a campsite’s coordinates are incorrect, please let us know!

Global Support
We’re now officially supporting adding campsites in any part of the world. We may not have all the right agency names in place, but the backend infrastructure will support it. If you’ve just been dreaming about adding your list of sub-saharan boondocking sites, be our guest!

Still Completely Free
We have no plans to charge for access to the website. We’ll keep it free as long as we can afford to keep it online. If this bothers you, feel free to throw money.

We’re Just Getting Started…
There are a lot of new features and upgrades on the drawing board, but we felt the current implementation was a pretty major upgrade and wanted to get it out to you. Expect some smaller changes down the road. In the meantime, we’d like any feedback you have. We’ve got relatively thick skin and are expecting you to find all sorts of bugs we haven’t seen yet. Please remember, we can’t fix what we don’t hear about.

That’s about it – just a complete redesign, nothing major. If you like it, SHARE IT!

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