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We have thousands of visitors each month, but very few are actually submitting sites. The majority of our listings have been submitted by a handful of loyal members. If you are a regular submitter and/or commenter, thank you! If not, we would love to know why not. We have set up a poll with some reasons that we think might be holding you back from participating in the site. If your answer was not provided or you would like to elaborate on your vote, please leave a us a comment.

I haven't submited sites because......

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In order for this site to be as complete and accurate as possible, we need your help. We submit campsites regularly, but our resources are not infinite. We actively travel around the US and Canada researching and exploring free camping areas, but we can only be in one place at a time.

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Joined 1 year ago
Reviewed April 5, 2017

I was unaware of need for more submissions. Stating the need will encourage me to contribute, however after leaving WA I'm sort of clueless, hence my use of the site. In addition the word "Free" can be interpreted many ways. Not getting caught on private land in the middle of tim-buck-too or not being sure of the rules, laws, appropriateness or acceptability of a location my also make people shy away from suggesting a site. I kind of in that camp. Did I say my favorite 4 letter F word is "Free". Our initial trip from Seattle to Texas we stayed mostly at Walmarts and truck stops and never had any questions asked.
I might give it a shot at one I am aware of in Washington

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Anonymous User
Reviewed June 16, 2010

I've tried for over an hour to submit a FREE Roadside camp spot in Kansas. Whose e-mail address do you want?? The location or mine so you can contact me. Whose phone #?? There is no URL it keeps asking for. Then it says the Geomashup or something is wrong!! What is that? It put the green teardrop on the map when I typed in the location. I also downloaded pictures and now all is lost!

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Joined 9 years ago
Replied June 17, 2010


Not all fields are required. If you are unable to find some information for a site, just fill in the required fields. For email address, we are looking for contact info for the site in question.

We require either a gps coordinate (you can either click on the map or type in coordinates) or an address. Either one will work fine.

I hope this helps.

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Joined 8 years ago
Reviewed February 20, 2010

We're mobile as of Mar 1 - look for more contributions from me!

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Joined 9 years ago
Reviewed February 17, 2010


This url leads to 380 free spots in Ohio.

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