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Free Campsites gets a new look and then some!

There have been some major improvements in the world of free camping this summer. Searching for a campsite has never been easier. Now, you can search from your smart phone, tablet or desktop computer effortlessly.

Free Campsites Goes Mobile
We know it’s rough doing research from the field. It’s even tougher on a smart phone. We’ve made things a little easier. is now compatible with smartphones and tablets. Many of the new features listed below were created especially for smart phone users. Yes, you can finally do your research on the fly! (Free Campsites does not actually grant the ability to fly.)

Optimized for Travel
No matter how you get online, while traveling, your internet connection can range from non-existent to phenomenal. We can’t do much about phenomenal and non-existent, but we’ve optimized for everything in between. Page loads are faster and the site is usable in extremely poor signal areas.

More Ways to Search
We’ve spent a lot of time optimizing the way our map based search works. We hope we’ve found the way that works best for you. Try typing the location you want to visit in the search bar or clicking a general area on the map. Just drag the map to adjust your search area. Pinch to zoom gestures are supported on smart phones and tablets. On desktop and laptop environments, scroll to zoom is supported. Want to see an entire region? Type the state or province name or its abbreviation to see all of the campsites within it.

New Planning Tools
Get driving directions by simply clicking a link in each listing. We totally don’t recommend doing this while driving and would never do so ourselves. Especially not while eating a cheeseburger and looking for a radio station.

Check the weather before you go. In addition to a five day forecast provided on each campsite listing, you can toggle an in map weather layer to help you find the best possible weather for your upcoming trip. Just click on the happy little sun and cloud icon. Traveling full time? Let the weather decide your next stop!

A mileage/kilometer graph has also been added to the map to make planning even easier.

Add a Campsite… Anywhere in the World
No longer do you have to click on a specific region tab to switch between countries. Now, you can click the “Add a Campsite” link from anywhere within the campsite search interface to add a campsite in any country on planet Earth.  Sorry, the ability to add your free moon, Venus and Mars campsites is not available in this version.


Many Thanks,
The Free Campsites Team


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Reviewed on January 11, 2017
Heidi Cain

Love this app.

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Replied January 11, 2017

Thanks Heidi!

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Reviewed on August 17, 2016
Pam List

looking for free camping near Tustin Ca.

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Replied August 17, 2016

Have you seen these?!(34.25722,+-117.90802)

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Reviewed on June 6, 2016
vivian kimberlin

Trying to fifure this stuff out. Newby

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Replied June 9, 2016

Hello Vivian Kimberlin,

Welcome. I hope that you aren't having too much trouble finding your way around the website. Please check out this page on using the website. I hope it helps you understand how to use the website a bit better. Even though it mentions logging in, you do not need an account to do any of the things mentioned.

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