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By hitekhomeless

Welcome to the Admin weblog! This area has been created in order to improve communication with our users.

After all, you are the ones who make this site great. While there is a comments and suggestions section, as well as an announcements section of the forum, I feel those those are a little impersonal and that this is a better way to keep you informed.

I have been working on speeding up the site. I have seen a couple comments across the Internet saying that is a great site, but that it’s a little slow. I had not personally noticed it, but I did do some metrics and checked out some test sites. They all pointed to the same thing: sloooow…. For example, Google said the main page took about 11.9 seconds to load before my changes. It claimed that that was about 95% slower than most websites. Ack! That’s not good. I couldn’t have that! With my changes, the main page should load 7x faster, for first time visitors, than it had previously. Google says that it is currently at about 1.7 seconds which is faster than 73% of the other Internet sites that it has measured. Returning users should also see faster load times due to smaller data transfers and more client side caching.

There’s still lots of room for improvement! I made up an optimization “to do list” and have been moving through it. No one wants to wait on a website; least of all me.

Please tell us about your experiences. Is unbearably slow? Did you often get frustrated and give up on the site? Did it run blazing fast for you? Are there certain areas of the site you find/found slower than others?

Your feedback will help us improve the site!

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Reviewed on March 4, 2017
Leslie Sharp

Hi, my name is Leslie Sharp I just join and hoping to meet some other camper and discover, and learn, from them. I don't find the site neither slow nor fast everything has loaded just fine for me. I wish you had a chat-room or forum somewhere to go and read and chat with campers! I know you do have a forum but I guess I mean more of a chat forum. Thanks!

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Reviewed on March 1, 2010

I really don't know any as I just recently got the rv and still working to much to try and pay for it. So far just planning options when I can get out to enjoy life.

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Reviewed on January 13, 2010

Hey Pianotuna,

Strangely enough, Johnny had mentioned the same thing about two hours ago.

I have a few more things that I have tweaked on the test site to improve performance, once I finish testing them and move them onto the live site, I will look into it. It should be a quick and easy mod.

I started on a new search function a while back. Its mostly done. I might jump back on it after the alphabetizing. Right now I am weighing which of three features to concentrate on (and complete!) next. It's one of them.

PS. So far, so good on the tweaks. They should be moved over within the next couple of hours. Please contact me if you run into any problems.


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Reviewed on January 13, 2010


I think one improvement may be campgrounds in alphabetic order when a Province or State is clicked on. It is hard to check if a location has already been added or not.

An improved search function would help, too! It seems to be quite "hit and miss" currently.

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