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It was the Saturday night of Independence Day Weekend (4th of July). We were camped on the beach at this sweet little free spot just outside of High Island, Texas. At around 9pm, e heard people setting up camp on the inland side of us. A couple of hours later, they started shooting fireworks near our cab over and towards the sea. We thought, well that’s a bit rude but whatever, it’s the weekend of the fourth. However, it was just a taste of who our new neighbors were.

They left the location in the picture less than 24hrs after they arrived. It was nearly spotless before they arrived. I couldn’t capture all of the trash in one picture. They also left a big mess where they were sitting on the beach itself and made a trail of trash from walking to between their camp and the beach. All I can say is WOW!

How Not To Leave Your Campsite - a horrible mess of garbage

How Not To Leave Your Campsite – The photo has some real gems like Styrofoam meat trays and used diapers.

Here is what this fantastic beach front campsite looked like less than 48hrs earlier with a responsible camper in it. This camper left the campsite as clean as they found it. Possibly cleaner.

High Island Beach Campsite with a camper who understand the concept of personal responsibility

High Island Beach Campsite with a camper who understand the concept of personal responsibility

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Anonymous User
Reviewed October 8, 2016

Hello--Just found this WONDERFUL Blog/website today and wanted to tell you it is GREAT!! THANK YOU! for all the wonderful info. LOVE IT!
[wasnt sure how else to tell this--so I hope this is OK. Take Care, Randy
and Linda in Kansas

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Joined 12 years ago
Replied October 8, 2016

I am so glad that you like it. I hope it helps you find your next favorite campsite.

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Joined 7 years ago
Reviewed October 16, 2014

It's sad but we see this type of poor behavior a lot here in California. This type of bad behavior gives explorers, campers, families, and day use people NO leg to stand on when the government desides to convert National Parks, Wilderness Areas, and other State lands into National Monuments. Clean Up Your Junk before they take our lands. The problem is the ones who leave camps like this (in the picture) most likely are not on websites like this.

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