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Do you geocache? If you think that’s cool, you should try historic marker snarfing! It’s free. It’s a lot of fun, and you can learn a thing or two about the area you’re in. It gets you outside. It’s an engaging activity to enjoy with the kids. Snarfing is a great way break up long drives. Sometimes markers are out in the middle of no where, so finding them can be quite the adventure.

If you are interested in landmark snarfing, check out Markeroni They’ll show you how to get started. If you are already out there locating markers, you can use Markeroni to document and share your finds. Already know where to find a few markers? Compete in one of their challenges for prizes.

Markeroni is wrapping up a pledge drive. There’s just over a day left. If you already use Markeroni or just think it’s a cool idea, please help them by pledging to their IndieGoGo drive. Help them get on the front page of Indiegogo (“Final Countdown”) with your contributions–even a dollar!–Facebook-likes, tweets, G-plus and shares. When you do, please also ask your friends to do the same. Buttons to do all that are under the campaign video. Please help them complete their funding and secure a wonderful history site for you and yours! ** Historical Markers, Plaques & Landmarks was started on August 13, 2003 and is the oldest website that helps people find and record historical markers and landmarks. They’re a history resource with more than 150,000 landmarks in our database and 31,000 with a Catalog entry.

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