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Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary from the Free Campsites team!

Christmas Eve marks eight years of working with you to provide the best free camping information on the web.

We’ve been through a lot of changes over the past eight years. We were not expecting a day when there are more phones than laptops back in 2008, or to need a cluster of dedicated servers to handle the site’s popularity! Thank you all for sticking around while we’ve adapted to meet your needs. All the fancy features in the world would be nothing without your contributions.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

This year, we’ve added several new features that will help you plan future camping trips.

If you haven’t tried out our Trip Planner, give it a shot. It will get you across the state or across the country and show you all the free camping along the way. You can easily plan a trip with multiple stops, drag your route to change it, set options to avoid highways or tolls, and more!

User reviews have been expanded to be more helpful this year. You can now leave links to your blog post or video about a campsite. You may also leave your rig type and length in order to help others decide if the campsite will work for them. We have begun to collect cellular data for campsites, including carrier, signal strength and band.

We do our best to make high quality tools available to you completely free. There is still more to come in the New Year.

Thank you again. We wish you a happy holiday season and another wonderful year of camping in 2017.

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Joined 2 years ago
Reviewed March 6, 2017

I know this message is a little late but I'm thankful for Free camping website I hope to contribute to it this summer. I'm a equestrian trail rider and camper!

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Joined 9 years ago
Reviewed February 11, 2017

I am so glad you choose to keep this site running. Thank you both!

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