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By hitekhomeless

We have removed the Canada tab from the main menu and placed it into the map menu.

We have added the ability to share the front page maps via email, Facebook and numerous other social mediums. You might have noticed some of these share boxes throughout the site already. You’ll recognize it as the orange square with the white cross inside. This will not only allow you to share the main pages and individual campsites, but also allow you to send your friends a link to the beta map with the current results. Just click on the share icon when you want to share the page that you are on and pick a method.

Based on the feedback we received, the following changes were made to the beta map interface.

  • More map sizes. You can now select small, medium or large. Once you do, your selection will be remembered and will be your default map size on future visits. You will always be able to change it later just by selecting a different size. We started with a small map because, as nomads, our bandwidth can be limited and we wanted the map to load as fast as possible. It’s definitely better to have a choice than one size fits all. Thank you for your feedback.
  • The popup info window that you get when you click on a campsite has been changed to reduce scrolling.

Please continue to tell us how you use the interface and how you would LIKE to use it. And really… let us know if something is broken; please include the browser you are using, the version number and your screen resolution if at all possible.

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