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See the new option on the mapWe have added a new site fee type: Pass or Permit Required. It is in addition to the “Free” and “$10 or less” types. This will allow sites that, like the BLM LTVAs, are a supreme value but do not quite make it into the $10 or less category because your out of pocket cost is more than $10. Another example of a Permit or Pass Required site would be a Texas Wildlife Management Area. They require you to purchase a $12 Limited Public Use (LPU) Permit to recreate on them. However, the LPU is good for one year and allows you to stay at any of the 22 Texas WMAs that allow camping at no extra cost.
The new option on the submission page

I know some of you are looking at the picture on the right and saying “Whoa. I can submit campsites? I had no idea.” It’s true, you can, and it’s much appreciated. Click here to submit a site in the USA and here to submit a Canadian site. Yep. It’s that easy.

Just for a refresher, we should probably go over the three fee categories.

This is our favorite type! 😉 Choose this option if there are no costs associated with the campsite. No day-use fees, membership fees, or permit fees. A permit or pass may be required but at no cost. The site must also be free for everyone. No age or military status restrictions.

$10 or less
This option is for “cheap” camping locations. These campsites cost $10 or less a night. If you have to stay for more than one night for the price to be $10 or less, then you should either select the permit option or refrain from adding the site (i.e. a $300 month rate at an RV park doesn’t belong on this site!). The price must also be the same for everyone. No membership, age, military, or status restrictions.

While we rarely use these sites, we do understand their value. This really comes into play in areas where there aren’t any free spots, where it would cost more than $10 to drive to free spot, or in an area where dumping and filling your water costs the same as staying in a $10 campsite who provide those facilities for their guests.

Pass or Permit Required
This is the new option. Choose this option for places that require you to purchase a pass or permit to camp in the area. BLM LTVAs are an example of such a system. You pay a reasonable, one time fee and you can camp at the location for months at a time. If a permit is required but at no cost, please select “Free”.

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