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Hi all,


Here is a simple flow chart.


Budget–>Energy Audit–>Battery bank size–>number of watts–>PWM or MPPT. What ever type of controller is chosen, make sure it has adjustable voltage set points and a temperature probe that is on the battery.


If you use solar as a battery charger, one rule of thumb is between 60 and 150 watts of panels per 100 amp-hours of storage. The smaller the battery bank the higher the wattage needed (per 100 amp-hours). Here is a link to the rather special spreadsheet which includes an energy audit, that N8GS has created to help size solar battery charging systems!

If you full time or use an inverter lots, then populate the entire unshaded area of the roof with panels. I’m considering replacing my awning with solar panels.


For a nice explanation of solar, try this link:


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