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We hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the holiday season.
May you find joy where ever you are.

Christmas Bear - Taken in Denali, Alaska 2009

In addition to Christmas, we here at FreeCampsites.Net have another reason to celebrate. On the evening of December 24th, 2008, came online for the first time ever. That was three years ago today.

I started it because, as a new RVer, I was having a hard time finding free camping using the “traditional methods”. I wanted to be able to see campsites along our route without having to know the name of every little town we were going to pass through. The website has been a huge help to us. We now have thousands of visitors a day. We hope that each of you find the website as useful as we do. Thank you! Your comments, support and submissions are what makes this website so handy.

Warmest Wishes!
Jenn and Johnny

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Joined 6 years ago
Reviewed May 28, 2015

Are these free campsites available for tent campers or just for RV campers?

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Joined 12 years ago
Replied May 28, 2015

It depends upon the location. Most of our listings are on public lands and appropriate for tents. However, there are some parking lots, truck stops, casinos, etc that have been added by people due to their convenience. You should definitely read the description of a location to determine whether or not it is appropriate for your needs.

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Janet Lee
Anonymous User
Reviewed December 9, 2014

OK, so we all want free, would it not be better if these were all published. I have no clue, I am still trying to get a small rv, or trailer so that I can enjoy moving about.
I could not park in a larger city and was tormented by neighbors because of it. Why, well, I guess they had to pay rent, I just could not afford the rent, mortgage payment. I really did not help that I had a seasonable depression. NOt being psyco well, happy holidays to all, hope to learn more....

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Joined 9 years ago
Reviewed October 11, 2012

Yes, thank you for this site! I just found it by accident...okay...there ARE no accidents. Anyway, thank you. When camping, I do like to have a shower available, but truck stops are great. The one at Little America in Flagstaff is phenomenal!

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Joined 12 years ago
Reviewed December 25, 2011

Hi Jenn and Johnny,

Some day I hope to thank you in person for all the hours both of you have donated to this site.

For now Merry Christmas and Happy Boondocking!


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Joined 12 years ago
Replied December 31, 2011

Thank you for your kind words, Don. You and I both know that this site would be nothing without you. Thank you! Someday our paths will cross. Hope your holidays are bright and filled with joy.

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