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Free CampsiteAdelanto City Park - Adelanto, California
Pay CampgroundAerie Crag Campground - June Lake, California
Pay CampgroundAfton Canyon CG - Dunn, California
Free CampsiteAlabama Hills - Lone Pine, California
Free CampsiteAliso Campground - New Cuyama, California
Free CampsiteAmboy Crater - Amboy, California
Free CampsiteAnza Borrego PCT Access - Julian, California
Pass or Permit RequiredApple Canyon Road yellow post sites - Mountain Center, California
Pay CampgroundApplewhite Campground - Lytle Creek, California
Free CampsiteArroyo Salado Primitive Campground - Salton City, California
Free CampsiteAtascadero (Water Treatment Plant) - Atascadero, California
Pass or Permit RequiredAuxiliary Dam Campground at Lake Isabella - Lake Isabella, California
Pay CampgroundBaker Creek Campground - Big Pine, California
Free CampsiteBald Mountain Spring Campground - Mammoth Lakes, California
Free CampsiteBanshee Canyon - ESSEX, California
Free CampsiteBear Creek Campground - Mendocino NF - Upper Lake, California
Free CampsiteBear River Casino - Loleta, California
Pay CampgroundBear River CG - Colfax, California
Free CampsiteBear Valley Campground - Loyalton, California
Free CampsiteBeaver Creek Campground - Klamath River, California
Pay CampgroundBelle Campground - Joshua Tree, California
Free CampsiteBerkeley Aquatic Park - Berkeley, California
Free CampsiteBert's Canyon Roadside Park - Onyx, California
Pass or Permit RequiredBig Bear Yellow Post Sites - Big Bear Lake, California
Free CampsiteBig Meadows Campground, Sequoia National Park - Sequoia National Forest, California
Free CampsiteBig River BLM - Earp, California
Pass or Permit RequiredBig Rock Campground - Valyermo, California
Free CampsiteBig Springs Campground - June Lake, California
Free CampsiteBighorn Mountain Wilderness - Barnes Rd - Landers, California
Free CampsiteBlack Gulch - Sequoia National Forest - Lake Isabella, California
Free CampsiteBlack Mountain BLM - Palo Verde, California
Pass or Permit RequiredBlack Mountain Yellow Post Sites - Idyllwild, California
Free CampsiteBlackrock Trailhead Golden Trout - Kennedy Meadows, California
Free CampsiteBlair Valley - Banner, California
Free CampsiteBloody Canyon Trailhead Campground - June Lake, California
Free CampsiteBlue Oaks BLM - Clearlake, California
Pass or Permit RequiredBlue Ridge - Wrightwood, California
Free CampsiteBlythe-Vidal BLM - Vidal, California
Free CampsiteBob's Big Boy - Baker, California
Pay CampgroundBobcat Meadow Campground - Pine Valley, California
Pay CampgroundBoggs Mountain Demonstration Forest - Clear Lake, California
Free CampsiteBorax Bill MX Park - California City, California
Free CampsiteBoron Rest Area - Boron, California
Pay CampgroundBoulder Basin Campground - Idyllwild, California
Free CampsiteBowman Campground - Nevada City, California
Free CampsiteBox Canyon West - Mecca, California
Free CampsiteBrush Creek Dispersed - Sequoia National Forest - Kernville, California
Free CampsiteBuckeye - Bridgeport, California
Pay CampgroundBuckhorn Campground - Pearblossom, California
Pay CampgroundBurnt Ranch - Burnt Ranch, California
Free CampsiteBurt Canyon Trailhead Parking - Bridgeport, California
Free CampsiteButtermilk Country - Bishop, California
Free CampsiteCalso Camp (Temporarily Closed) - Middletown, California
Free CampsiteCamp 4 1/2 - Sequoia National Forest - Clovis, California
Free CampsiteCamp Cady Wildlife Area - Newberry Springs, California
Free CampsiteCamp Creek CG - Hornbrook, California
Free CampsiteCamping World, Bakersfield, CA - Bakersfield, California
Free CampsiteCamping World, Rocklin, CA - Rocklin, California
Free CampsiteCanyon Creek Campground - Nevada City, California
Free CampsiteCarrizo Badlands Overlook - Ocotillo, California
Free CampsiteCasa De Fruita - Hollister, California
Free CampsiteCasino Morongo - Cabazon, California
Free CampsiteCastle Lake Campground - Dunsmuir, California
Free CampsiteChico Flat Campground - Kernville, California
Free CampsiteChimney Creek Campground - Inyokern, California
Free CampsiteChiriaco Summit - Chiriaco Summit, California
Free CampsiteClark's Ranch Yellow Post Campsite - Big Bear Lake, California
Pay CampgroundColdbrook Campground - Azusa, California
Free CampsiteCole Creek Area - W of Kirkwood, California
Free CampsiteConvict Flat - King's Canyon National Park, California
Pass or Permit RequiredCoon Creek Yellow Post Campsites - Big Bear Lake, California
Pay CampgroundCorn Springs Campground - Desert Center, California
Pay CampgroundCorral Canyon Campground - Cleveland NF - Pine Valley, California
Pay CampgroundCorvina Beach - Salton, California
Free CampsiteCoso Junction Ranch Store - Olancha, California
Pass or Permit RequiredCottonwood Campground - Lake Hughes, California
Free CampsiteCrooked Meadows Campground - Mammoth Lakes, California
Pay CampgroundCrossroads Campground BLM - Earp, California
Pay CampgroundCrowley Lake Campground BLM LTVA - Crowley Lake, California
Free CampsiteCulp Valley Primitive Campground - Ranchita, California
Free CampsiteDesert View - Cleveland National Forest - Mt Laguna, California
Free CampsiteDiamond Mountain Casino - Susanville, California
Free CampsiteDinky Creek Road - Shaver Lake, California
Free CampsiteDog Valley - Verdi, California
Free CampsiteDowling Fruit Orchard - Beaumont, California
Pass or Permit RequiredDumont Dunes OHV Area - Baker, California
Free CampsiteEagle Lake BLM - primitive - Susanville, California
Free Campsiteeagles meadows - Bridgeport, California
Pass or Permit RequiredEl Mirage Dry Lake OHV Area - Adelanto, California
Free CampsiteEl Portal Road - El Portal, California
Free CampsiteFaith Valley - Markleeville, California
Free CampsiteFeather Falls Campground - Oroville, California
Free CampsiteFergusen Lake BLM - Picacho, California
Pay CampgroundFern Basin Campground - Idyllwild, California
Free CampsiteFinney Lake - Rockwood, California
Free CampsiteFish Creek - Borrego, California
Free CampsiteFlying J Shafter/Bakersfield - Bakersfield, California
Pay CampgroundFossil Falls Campground - Inyokern, California
Free CampsiteFreeman Junction - Inyokern, California
Free CampsiteGarcia River Casino - Point Arena, California
Free CampsiteGene Autry Lane - Lone Pine, California
Pay CampgroundGlacier View Campground - Big Pine, California
Free CampsiteGlass Creek Campground - June Lake, California
Free CampsiteGold Lake 4x4 Campground - Graeagle, California
Pay CampgroundGoodale Creek BLM LTVA - Aberdeen, California
Free CampsiteGould Mesa Trail Camp - Flintridge, California
Pay CampgroundGrandview Campground - Big Pine, California
Free CampsiteGrapevine Canyon Road Boondocking - Borrego Springs, California
Free CampsiteGravel Flat Campground - Sierra National Forest - Clovis, California
Free CampsiteGrouse Ridge Campground - Nevada City, California
Pass or Permit RequiredGuffy Campground - Wrightwood, California
Free CampsiteHarrah Rincon Casino - Valley Center, California
Free CampsiteHarris Ranch - Coalinga, California
Free CampsiteHartley Springs Campground - June Lake, California
Free CampsiteHat Creek Rim Viewpoint - Old Station, California
Free CampsiteHelendale Road BLM - Helendale, California
Free CampsiteHermit's Hole - Sequoia National Forest - Clovis, California
Pay CampgroundHidden Valley Campground - Twentynine Palms, California
Free CampsiteHoney lake Rest Area - Milford, California
Pay CampgroundHoneydew Creek CG - Honeydew, California
Pay CampgroundHorse Springs Campground - Fawnskin, California
Pay CampgroundHorton Creek BLM LTVA Campground - Bishop, California
Pass or Permit RequiredHot Spring LTVA - Holtville, California
Pay CampgroundHumboldt County Fairgrounds Ferndale, CA - Ferndale, California
Free CampsiteHwy 78 Boondock - Palo Verde, California
Free CampsiteIdle Spurs Steak House - Barstow, California
Pass or Permit RequiredImperial Dam LTVA - Winterhaven, California
Pass or Permit RequiredImperial Sand Dunes Osborne Overlook - Brawley, California
Pay CampgroundIndependence Creek Campground - Independence, California
Free CampsiteIndian Flat Put In - Merced River, Sierra National Forest - Mariposa, California
Pay CampgroundIndian Well Campground -- Lava Bed NM - Tulelake, California
Free CampsiteIndian Wells Canyon - Siebert Mine - Onyx, California
Free CampsiteJawbone Canyon, Mojave Desert - Mojave, California
Free CampsiteJerseydale Campground - jerseydale, California
Pay CampgroundJumbo Rocks - Joshua Tree, California
Free CampsiteKCL campground - Santa Margarita, California
Pass or Permit RequiredKeller Peak Yellow Post Campsites - Running Springs, California
Pay CampgroundKern River Campground - Bakersfield, California
Free CampsiteKeyesville SRMA - Lake Isabella, California
Free CampsiteKirch Flat Campground - Sierra National Forest - Clovis, California
Free CampsiteKramer Junction Pilot - Boron, California
Free CampsiteLaguna Mountain Recreation Area - King City, California
Free CampsiteLake Shastina Campground - Weed, California
Free CampsiteLake Tahoe Area - Meyers, California
Pay CampgroundLark Canyon - Live Oak Springs, California
Free CampsiteLassen Forest Camp - Mill Creek, California
Free CampsiteLaurel Springs Camping Area - Mammoth Lakes, California
Free CampsiteLava Beds National Monument Road Dispersed Camping - Tulelake, California
Free CampsiteLaws BLM / Inyo NF - Laws, California
Free CampsiteLong Valley Campground - Inyokern, California
Free CampsiteLoon Lake Dispersed Camping - Pollock Pines, California
Free CampsiteLower Deadman Campground - June Lake, California
Free CampsiteLower Salt Creek Shoreline Campground - Lakehead, California
Free CampsiteLucky 7 Casino - Smith River, California
Free CampsiteLumsden Bridge Campground - Stanislaus National Forest - Groveland, California
Free CampsiteLumsden Campground - Stanislaus National Forest - Groveland, California
Free CampsiteLuther Pass Dispersed Camping Area - South Lake Tahoe, California
Pay CampgroundMarion Mountain Campground - Idyllwild, California
Pay CampgroundMartins Dairy Campground - Montague, California
Pay CampgroundMattole Beach Campground - Petrolia, California
Free CampsiteMendenhall Park - Big Pine, California
Pay CampgroundMerced River Recreation Area - Mariposa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredMiddle Lion campground - Maricopa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredMidland LTVA - Blythe, California
Free CampsiteMill Creek Campground - Sierra National Forest - Clovis, California
Free CampsiteMilsap Bar Campground - Berry Creek, California
Pass or Permit RequiredMiranda Pine Campground - Santa Barbara County, California
Free CampsiteMohave Cross - NIPTON, California
Free CampsiteMojave National Preserve - Needles, California
Free CampsiteMokelumne - Pine Grove, California
Free CampsiteMono Lake Basin Boondock - Lee Vining, California
Pay CampgroundMonte Cristo Campground - Palmdale, California
Free CampsiteMountain Palm Primitive Campground - Ocotillo, California
Pass or Permit RequiredMule Mountains LTVA - Blythe, California
Free CampsiteMule Rock - Sequoia National Forest - Clovis, California
Free CampsiteNaciemento - Fergusson rd - King City, California
Free CampsiteNacimiento Dispersed Sites - Big Sur, California
Free CampsiteNear LA Aqueduct - Mojave, California
Free CampsiteNear Williams Reservoir - Modoc NF - Adin, California
Free CampsiteNelder Grove Campground - Oakhurst, California
Pay CampgroundNiagara OHV Campground - Pinecrest, California
Free CampsiteNiland Boat Ramp - Frink, California
Free CampsiteNorth Fork Confluence - Fresno, California
Free CampsiteNorth Joshua Tree BLM - Joshua Tree, California
Pay CampgroundNorthshore Campground - Pollock Pines, California
Free CampsiteOak Flats Put In - Sequoia National Forest - Clovis, California
Free CampsiteObsidian Butte - Calipatria, California
Pay CampgroundObsidian Campground - Bridgeport, California
Free CampsiteOcotillo Wells SVRA - Borrego Springs, California
Free CampsiteOgilby Road - Imperial County, California
Free CampsiteOld Route 66 Rest Area #1--Cadiz Summit - Cadiz Summit, California
Pass or Permit RequiredOroville Wildlife Area (SWA) - Oroville, California
Pay CampgroundOwl Canyon - Barstow, California
Free CampsitePainted Canyon - Mecca, California
Pay CampgroundPaiute Palace Casino - Bishop, California
Pay CampgroundPalo Verde Park - Palo Verde, California
Free CampsitePanoche Hills BLM - firebaugh, California
Free CampsitePCT Trail Head - Hemet, California
Pass or Permit RequiredPeavine/ Appletree - Wrightwood, California
Free CampsitePeg Leg Smith - Borrego Springs, California
Free CampsitePeggy Sue's Diner - Yermo, California
Free CampsitePhil Swing Park - Imperial Dam, California
Pay CampgroundPigeon Flat Campground - Dardanelle, California
Free CampsitePilot Knob 14 day - felicity, California
Pass or Permit RequiredPilot Knob LTVA - Felicity, California
Free CampsitePine Creek Road Dispersed Camping - Bishop, California
Pay CampgroundPinyon Flat Campground - Palm Springs, California
Free CampsitePirate Cove - Sequoia National Forest - Clovis, California
Pay CampgroundPit River - Fall River Mills, California
Free CampsitePlaster City OHV Area - Plaster City, California
Pay CampgroundPleasant Valley Campground - Bishop, California
Pay CampgroundPleasant Valley Pit Campground - Bishop, California
Free CampsitePollard Flat - Lakehead, California
Pay CampgroundPorcupine Flat - Yosemite National Park, California
Pay CampgroundPortagee Joe Campground - Lone Pine, California
Free CampsitePowerline/Death Valley Rd - Baker, California
Pass or Permit RequiredPuerta La Cruz Dispersed Camping - Warner Springs, California
Free CampsitePulkey's Pool - Mammoth Lakes, California
Free CampsiteQuechan Land - Araz Junction - Araz Junction, California
Free CampsiteRabbit Ranch - Lucerne Valley, California
Free CampsiteRamhorn - Litchfield, California
Free CampsiteRed Bridge Campground - Quincy, California
Free CampsiteRed Hawk Casino - Placerville, California
Pay CampgroundRed Hill Marina Campground - Calipatria, California
Free CampsiteRed Mountain CG - Ukiah, California
Free CampsiteRemington Hot Springs - Lake Isabella, California
Free CampsiteRest Area - Gasquet, California
Free CampsiteRock Creek Campground - Quincy, California
Free CampsiteRockhouse road - Borrego Springs, California
Free CampsiteRolling Hills Casino, Corning, CA - Corning, California
Free CampsiteRoute 66 Rest Area #2--Essex - Essex, California
Pay CampgroundRyan Campground - Joshua Tree, California
Free CampsiteSafeway (Prunedale) - Prunedale, California
Free CampsiteSagehen Creek Campground - Truckee, California
Free CampsiteSagehen Meadow Campground - Mammoth Lakes, California
Pay CampgroundSalt Creek Beach - Salton, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 1 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 2 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 25 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 26 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 27 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 28 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 29 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 30 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 31 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 34 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 4 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 5 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 6 - santa rosa, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSan Bernardino Yellow Post Site 7 - santa rosa, California
Pay CampgroundSan Joaquin River Gorge Management Area - Auberry, California
Free CampsiteSanta Lucia Memorial Park Campground - Greenfield, California
Pass or Permit RequiredSanta Rosa Springs Campground - Palm Desert, California
Free CampsiteSanta Rosa Yellow Post Sites - Palm Desert, California
Free CampsiteSawmill Meadow Campground - Mammoth Lakes, California
Free CampsiteSawtooth Canyon - New Jack City - Lucerne Valley, California
Free CampsiteScenic Overlook near Nevada City, CA - Nevada City, California
Free CampsiteScott's Lake Area - Hope Valley, California
Free CampsiteSelby campground - Santa Margarita, California
Free CampsiteShoreline Highway - South of Westport - Fort Bragg, California
Free CampsiteShoreline Hwy - Marshall, California
Free CampsiteShort Canyon - Inyokern, California
Free CampsiteSidewinder Road (northwest side) - Ogilby, California
Free CampsiteSilurian Lake - Renoville, California
Free CampsiteSilver Lake Overflow Site - El Dorado, California
Free CampsiteSlab City - The Last Free Place - Niland, California
Free CampsiteSmith River Recreation Area - Crescent City, California
Free CampsiteSnag Lake Campground - Sierra City, California
Free CampsiteSoboba Casino - San Jacinto, California
Free CampsiteSoggy Dry Lake - Lucerne Valley, California
Free CampsiteSonoma Coast State Beach/Jenner Visitor Center - Jenner, California
Free CampsiteSouth Entrance of Joshua Tree N.P. - Indio, California
Pay CampgroundSouth Fork - Sequoia National Park - Three Rivers, California
Free CampsiteSouth Fork Campground - Stanislaus National Forest - Groveland, California
Free CampsiteSpangler Hills OHV Area - Ridgecrest, California
Free CampsiteSteiner Flats BLM Primitive Campsite - Douglas City, California
Free CampsiteStockton Flats Yellow Post Sites - Cajon Junction, California
Free CampsiteStoddard Wells Road BLM - Barstow, California
Free CampsiteSummit One - Verdi, California
Free CampsiteSunrise Trailhead Anza-Borrego SP - Julian, California
Free CampsiteSycuan Casino - El Cajon, California
Free CampsiteTachi Palace Casino - San Joaquin, California
Pass or Permit RequiredTamarisk LTVA - Holtville, California
Free CampsiteTaylor Canyon Campground - Mammoth Lakes, California
Free CampsiteTecopa Dispersed Camping - Tecopa, California
Free CampsiteThe Pads - Ryan, California
Free CampsiteThomas Hunting Grounds Yellow Post Campites - Big Bear Lake, California
Pay CampgroundTinnemaha Campground - Independence, California
Pass or Permit RequiredTool Box Springs Campground - Anza, California
Free CampsiteTool Box Springs Yellow Post Sites - Idyllwild, California
Free CampsiteTrinidad Rest Areas (near Redwoods) - Trinidad, California
Free CampsiteTrona Pinnacles - Trona, California
Free Campsitetruckee overnight - truckee, California
Free CampsiteTubbs Island Trailhead - Sonoma, California
Free CampsiteTumco Ghost Town - Tumco, California
Pay CampgroundTuttle Creek BLM LTVA - Lone Pine, California
Free CampsiteUpper Kern River - Sequioa National Forest - Kernville, California
Free CampsiteUpper Peppermint Creek - Springville, California
Free CampsiteUpper Rush Creek - Adin, California
Free CampsiteUpper Sweetwater Recreation Area - King City, California
Pass or Permit RequiredValle Vista Campground - Maricopa, California
Free CampsiteViejas Casino - Alpine, California
Free CampsiteVirginia Creek Camping Area - Lee Vining, California
Free CampsiteVirginia Lakes Road - Lee Vining, California
Free CampsiteVolcanic Tablelands - Bishop, California
Free CampsiteWagon Wheel OHV - Trona, California
Free CampsiteWalker Pass Campground - Onyx, California
Free CampsiteWalker Ridgetop - Clearlake Oaks, California
Free CampsiteWalmart Beaumont - Beaumont, California
Pay CampgroundWhite Tank - Joshua Tree, California
Pay CampgroundWiest Lake Campground - Brawley, California
Pay CampgroundWillow Creek Campground - Lassen County, California
Free CampsiteWillow Creek Road Dispersed - Big Sur, California
Free CampsiteWister Unit - Niland, California
Free CampsiteWolf Creek Road - Markleeville, California
Free CampsiteWoods Lake/Carson Pass Hwy - Kirkwood, California
Free CampsiteYaqui Pass Campground - Borrego Springs, California
Free CampsiteYaqui Well Camping Area - Borrego Springs, California
Free CampsiteYosemite Highway Pullout - El Portal, California

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