Overnight RV Parking

walmart overnight rv parkingWhile our focus is boondocking and free camping, we also list and utilize overnight RV parking locations. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, it might seem strange to run across rest areas, truck stops, and Walmart parking lots in a camping directory. However, for some RVers, it is how they get from one location to the another.

Most parking lots are completely empty at night and many travelers do not need the amenities of an RV park. They just want a couple hours of shut eye before hitting the road again. A place to park is all they need.
It’s a symbiotic relationship; everyone benefits. Truck stops regularly provide space for truckers and often extend the service to RVers. Just like truckers, RVers use and pay for the facilities inside. Retail stores like Walmart, Cabelas, and Bass Pro enjoy the sales that come from overnighters who come in and browse the store the next day. Restaurants like Cracker Barrel and the Apple Peddler hope that their overnight guests have dinner or breakfast there.

In order for this practice to continue, we must respect our hosts and their property. That is why we strongly believe in and endorse the Escapees’ Good Neighbor Policy. Please read and follow its guidelines. We must be gracious and humble guests. If we are not, there will be more pressure to institute state, county, and local ordinances that prohibit parking on private property.


Overnight RV Parking Etiquette (RVers’ Good Neighbor Policy)

  1. Stay one night only!
  2. Obtain permission from a qualified individual.
  3. Obey posted regulations.
  4. No awnings, chairs or barbecue grills.
  5. Do not use hydraulic jacks on soft surfaces (including asphalt).
  6. Always leave the area cleaner than you found it.
  7. Purchase gas, food, or other supplies as a form of thank you, when feasible.
  8. Be safe! Always be aware of your surroundings and leave if you feel unsafe.
  9. I’d like to add another

  10. Respect the property owners and be grateful for the privilege you have been granted. Remember, it is their property and they are allowing you to stay there.

You’re encouraged to print this flier and share it with others to promote these ideals.

    – RVers’ Good Neighbor Policy: overnight parking etiquette (PDF)