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By hitekhomeless

Find RV Sanitation Dump Sites

Interactive maps, user reviews and GPS coordinates for each listing

We’ve been working on another small web site to help out our fellow RVers. Tired of trying to find a dump station as we move around the country, we decided to apply the same mapping technology that we use here to the problem of locating a dump station. And so, RV Dump Sites was born. If Jenn didn’t have a knife in my ribs, I’m afraid you’d have to suffer through several scatological jokes. Instead, I’ll just say I hope it makes someone else’s life easier.

In addition to being handy little website, RV Dump Sites is also an experiment in new technology that we plan to bring to Free Campsites. We think that RV Dump Sites interface is clean and easy to use. Please let us know if you do too.

You’ll start seeing links to the nearest RV dump stations popping up in the campsite listings. We hope you’ll find this helpful rather than annoying.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. We are always looking for ways to improve our websites and your experience.

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Joined 7 years ago
Reviewed July 5, 2012

very usefull addition. Can you somehow have a way to filter by sites suitable for a 5th wheel or motorhome?

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Joined 9 years ago
Replied July 5, 2012

Maybe this is something we can achieve with enough user feedback, but the trick is convincing people to leave feedback. The percentage of people who contribute feedback versus those who just find what they're looking for and leave is very low.

We'll be experimenting some with the interface and may manage a few improvements, but if you want better data, the solution is to contribute (both new sites and feedback on existing sites). Convince your friends to do so as well!

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Anonymous User
Replied July 5, 2012

Thanks, we are close but not yet 'out there' full timing. I will for sure provide feed back and sites as we find them. I believe what you have here will be a big help for us. I have a 36' Cameo 5er and will be trying to find appropriate boondocking.

Thanks for the great resource.


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